How can I improve my study habits?

We all struggle with forgetfulness and procrastination. Creating and following a daily homework and study routine, in conjunction with an organized notebook and assignment book, will help you to increase and maintain high grades in school. Here is a suggested daily checklist/schedule to keep you on track.

Necessary Materials

Print out the following procedure, post it on your wall, and put a copy in the front of your notebook.

At School

  • Beginning of Class
    • Hand-In necessary papers from Today Pocket
  • End of Class
    • File new papers in Today Pocket
    • Write down new assignments


  • Organize Notebook
    • Remove all papers from Today Pocket
    • Get signatures if necessary
    • File all non-assignment papers
  • Do Homework
    • Check Assignment Book for today's homework
    • Complete each assignment and place in Today Pocket
    • Check-off homework in Assignment Book
  • Review for upcoming Tests
    • Check for upcoming tests in assignment book
    • Review flashcards for 10 minutes
    • Practice vocabulary/spelling for 10 minutes
    • Review old history/science/english notes for 10 minutes
  • Final Check before TV/AOL/Bed/Reading
    • are all assignments checked off?
    • are all necessary papers in Today Pocket?
    • are all books in backpack?
  • Have parent initial Assignment Book