SAT Study Materials

April 2018

SAT preparation requires that you immerse yourself in SAT questions and review material. Start off your prep by getting the proper study materials. There are a lot of SAT books out there, many of which are inefficient, inappropriate, and/or boring. Here are some of the best SAT prep books - buy them now and start studying immediately!

Buy this one RIGHT NOW. Seriously, this is the only place to start if you're serious about preparing, so it's time to buy it. The Official SAT Study Guide is published by the company that makes the real SAT, so it contains the MOST ACCURATE questions of all of the SAT books on the market. You can not properly study for the test without this book. Buy it now and work on as many questions as you possibly can.

Studying EFFICIENTLY is important if you're going to stick to devoting time to SAT prep. The SAT Prep Black Book: The Most Effective SAT Strategies Ever Published is intended to teach you the underlying logic of SAT questions so that you can maximize your score without wasting time memorizing vocabulary, formulas, strategies, etc that are not tested on the SAT. This is the most "philosophical" prep book out there, and (as a tutor with over 20 years experience) I like the practical, pragmatic approach of this book. The nuanced understanding of the SAT that this author shares can be very useful, though I disagree with some of the strategies (especially the suggestion not to "guess") where the author temporarily drops the nuance for the sake of an absolute statement. This book should be especially appropriate for self-motivated students who REALLY want to do all that they can to prepare for the test.

The "strategies" and "review" sections of the Official Guide are not the best or most interesting, so if you need this type of material, try out Cracking the SAT. This book is great for students who might have some gaps in their basic knowledge of math and grammar, because it groups knowledge based questions so that you can practice a skill upon a bunch of similar questions, as in a textbook.Click here to buy Cracking the SAT on Amazon.

One of the most important aspects of raising your SAT score is ruthless efficiency in time management. Practicing timed sections over and over will help you to maximize this efficiency and will reduce your test anxiety. An SAT Timer is the way to go, because it is customized for SAT section lengths and it is silent (when taking a real SAT administration, you can not use any device that emits sounds).

Now that you've got your materials, here are some essential SAT strategies to memorize and use: 12 Essential SAT Strategies - General